Property Management

1. Market Analysis

2. Facilitating Short Sales

3. Broker Price Options

4. Neighborhood AnalysisCost

5. Benefit Analysis



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The right to affordable housing is the foundation of our democratic system of government. The principle deserves its preferred place in our local communities, culture, and values system. Every family should have an opportunity to live in safe and decent housing. This increases a family’s sustainability and sense of wellbeing, and ultimately leads to homeownership.

Management plans are made for every property we oversee. Each property has its own unique assets. An analysis of the physical, fiscal, and competitive edge is performed with each client agreement. Services may extend to:

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6. On Site Management

7. Job and Income Verifications

8. 24-Hour Emergency Response

9. Monthly Management Statements

10. Construction Management

DOR Referral & Asset Management

11. Feasibility Studies

12. Section-8 and Tax Credit Reporting

13. "Green" Recommendations

14. Evictions

Commercial . Residential . Property Management

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Vision Statement

DOR Referral & Asset Management offers commercial and residential property management. Services include: a tenant screening, asset retention, property inspections, property maintenance, and collection of rents, maintenance contracting, and supervision. We work very close with our clients to implement strategies to improve value, and fulfill their realestate short and log-term investment goals. We continually pursue avenues to improve tenant relations. We deliver workable solutions to improve efficiency, while monitoring the property’s budget and reducing investment risk; and we consult and participate in acquisitions and dispositions.