The Real Cost of…FOR SALE BY OWNER


1. Window-shoppers

2. Lookers stopping at all hours

3. Mis-pricing home

4. Inability to qualify buyers

5. Letting strangers in the home​

For Sale By Owner Headaches

Financing Proposals 


30 year vs. 15 yr; FIX vs. ADJ.;  Rent vs. Buy; Amortization Schedules


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Relocation Packages


A complete portfolio of information about the city you are moving to and referral to a Relocation Specialists in that area

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Home Selling Process- Here's What We Provide


Comparative Market Analysis


A written report of active and sold property in the neighborhood in an effort to determine a realistic price for the subject property

Market Preparation Guide


A report designed to help the homeowner maximize the marketing efforts by improving the condition of the home - “setting the stage”


The Decision to Do It Yourself

Commercial . Residential . Property Management

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Homeowner's Tax  Analysis Worksheet


A detailed organized method of tracing improvements, selling concessions, and closing cost that are tax deductible

So you decided to sell your house on your own, no real estate agents,  no middlemen, just you and the prospective buyer, pure and simple. But is it really as simple as it seems?

The cost of selling your home on your own may be more expensive than you think.  In addition to codes, contracts and concerns that may catch you by surprise, there are a number of legalities, liabilities, and loopholes that can trip you up along the way.

6. Negotiating with buyers

7. Knowing everything that needs to be done

8. Missed opportunities when away from home

9. Buyers wanting the commission savings

10. Buyers who prefer not to deal directly with owners